Monday, July 26, 2010

When I procrastinate, I...

usually browse the ever-so extensive World Wide Web. Oh how vast it truly is!

I figured, everyone procrastinates. So why not help you out a little bit?
To help make your procrastination enjoyable and a little more productive, here are just a handful of sites I find myself getting caught up in.

This is Dear Girls Above Me.
The fellow pictured above is unfortunately tormented by a couple of girls that live in the apartment above him. As the walls seem to be very thin, the girls talk endlessly and loudly at that. From their parties to their everyday conversations, he decided to humor himself and document what they had to say. Find out about these girls for yourself and their (lack of) intelligence.

Meet The Sartorialist.
The incomparable Scott Schuman is the dashing gentleman behind the camera. Not only is he hugely successful in the fashion industry, he published a book that was based off of his blog. His blog consists of pictures he takes all around the world. What's great about The Sartorialist's photography is that he's truly a skilled photographer, evidenced by how he captures people in a way that's elegant and timeless. He mainly focuses on fashion, but there's a seamless depth to the images he shoots.

Have no fear, Chictopia is here!
Chictopia, in my opinion, is a better version of lookbook. Sometimes, lookbook gets a little too snooty and too much "look how great my clothes" attitude. What I love about this site is that if you really are in a fashion rutt and nothing in your closet seems to be a viable option, Chictopia opens up brand new ways to wear your old clothes that you may have never thought to wear. People post pictures of what they wore, to give others ideas on what to wear and share fashion stylings. Take what you will from it, as I've found so much inspiration from these members. It's not only a girls only club! There's a ton of well-dressed boys lurking around.

And your time starts...NOW on oneword.
Click on the link and they have a short and concise description of what it is. It's pretty brilliant, especially when you have a writer's block.

The queen supreme reason why I procrastinate and procrastinate for hours.
Happy stumbling!

You may judge if you like, but hey, you gotta admit they're pretty entertaining.

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