Friday, July 23, 2010

Combo Platter please.

Two of my favorite passions have always gone hand-in-hand. Music and fashion.

Fashion shows have always incorporated music into their fierce runways and the latest and greatest are merging. Music transcends the clothes displayed and rather creates an atmosphere, a feeling that dissipates throughout the room.
Designers are pretty particular when choosing their playlist for it has to embody the clothes as well as the designer. Music itself is relative and subjective to each individual. One song may mean more to me than for you.
I'm an avid reader of blogs and websites that discuss fashion and/or music. Sometimes, I discover artists or designers I was not aware of before through such collaborations. Other times, sheer brilliance is combined, i.e. Viktor and Rolf setting up La Roux for a performance during their Menswear Spring/Summer 2011 collection.
I myself am not a huge La Roux fan, but the pair was pretty spot on. Here's a video:

Speaking of La Roux...I'm going to jump topics a little bit here.
La Roux and Major Lazer (personal favorite!) came out with Lazerproof a while back.
What emerged was a pretty stellar mash-up from the two artists. CHECK IT.
Diplo can do no wrong (well, besides the new M.I.A. album, but that's for another post).

I guess the gist of this post was that lately combinations/collaborations/mash-ups are totally IN. Just a regular combo platter of music, fashion, and whatever else you can manage to throw in there.

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