Monday, June 7, 2010

"Are you hot?"

DISCLAIMER: This is a pretty thorough explanation and purely an unrelenting rant about my obsession/borderline stalking. Real talk starts now.

I discovered La Blogotheque a few years back and kept it to myself for a while, but the genius' behind the camera had to be shared. The erratic nature of the videos are quickly apparent as the most "guiding" the La Blogotheque team merely suggests ideas, but steps aside so that the featured artist(s) can do what they do best: play great music. Nonchalant banter about "the plan" (which is usually the "let's just see where this goes" idea) is soon subsided as music starts to reverberate through their immediate setting. The videos are a candid reminder of what music is really all about. Sure, musicians put on elaborate shows to display their talent, but the rawness of their sound is diminished with all of the gratuitous technology. La Blogotheque opens up a rare sound that emerges from the most intimate of settings, to an entire neighborhood. Wherever they go, they serenade not only the people present, but engulf the entire city.

I went through countless hours of their extensive library of artists. From Fleet Foxes to Phoenix to Pigeon John, they cover musicians in their raw and honest form. Their usual location to film is in France, but they frequently make exceptions here and there ( i.e.San Francisco, L.A., and New York). The basic set-up of the take-away shows is footage of featured artists merely wandering the streets of ______. The different reactions from locals, random spectators, and tourists amidst the brilliant sounds of vocals and instruments are the best part about the videos. My words don't do any justice, so it's best if you experience it for yourself!
I could rant and rave for pages, but La Blogotheque can be found on youtube, or the link provided.

Well, the reason for this abrupt introduction to La Blogotheque (for those of you who are being exposed to this for the first time), is when my favourite French filming troupe shot 25-minutes of a performance by Beach House at a small apartment in France. The audience was speckled throughout the room, trying to stay on the perimeter, as Beach House was clearly the guests of honor. Victoria Legrand's smooth French-to-English transitions, to her soulful vocals with Alex Scally's strumming, posed for a flawless show. The candor of the performance, including Legrand's concern for the drummer's temperature ("are you hot?") and images of Scally's timid smiles and shy looks made for a comfortable environment. My true admiration for both Beach House and La Blogotheque have fused and produced such brilliance. Hopefully, I'll be seeing Beach House live sometime soon in the future, but until then, this will have to suffice.

I desperately wish to witness one of their take away shows, but I guess I'll just have to let it happen.
Okay, sorry. I'm done with all my gushing. I promise I only do this when I really care!