Saturday, July 31, 2010

Clash of the Genres

Adds a different feel to both songs huh? Biggie's thug raps and The xx's lucid, soft sounds somehow get along so well. As powerful and personal "Juicy" is, the guitar riff in the background from The xx really contribute a discerning effort. For whatever reason, it all
Honestly though, what hasn't Biggie been remixed with? The likes of Frank Sinatra, Ratatat, and even Miley Cyrus (?!?! I find this just insulting).

Even though Weezy is locked up, his music is still being manipulated and refreshed.
(500) Days of Weezy mashes up the soundtrack album from (500) Days of Summer and Weezy's songs. Some work, some don't. I found it interesting though; it's a tough challenge!

Monday, July 26, 2010

When I procrastinate, I...

usually browse the ever-so extensive World Wide Web. Oh how vast it truly is!

I figured, everyone procrastinates. So why not help you out a little bit?
To help make your procrastination enjoyable and a little more productive, here are just a handful of sites I find myself getting caught up in.

This is Dear Girls Above Me.
The fellow pictured above is unfortunately tormented by a couple of girls that live in the apartment above him. As the walls seem to be very thin, the girls talk endlessly and loudly at that. From their parties to their everyday conversations, he decided to humor himself and document what they had to say. Find out about these girls for yourself and their (lack of) intelligence.

Meet The Sartorialist.
The incomparable Scott Schuman is the dashing gentleman behind the camera. Not only is he hugely successful in the fashion industry, he published a book that was based off of his blog. His blog consists of pictures he takes all around the world. What's great about The Sartorialist's photography is that he's truly a skilled photographer, evidenced by how he captures people in a way that's elegant and timeless. He mainly focuses on fashion, but there's a seamless depth to the images he shoots.

Have no fear, Chictopia is here!
Chictopia, in my opinion, is a better version of lookbook. Sometimes, lookbook gets a little too snooty and too much "look how great my clothes" attitude. What I love about this site is that if you really are in a fashion rutt and nothing in your closet seems to be a viable option, Chictopia opens up brand new ways to wear your old clothes that you may have never thought to wear. People post pictures of what they wore, to give others ideas on what to wear and share fashion stylings. Take what you will from it, as I've found so much inspiration from these members. It's not only a girls only club! There's a ton of well-dressed boys lurking around.

And your time starts...NOW on oneword.
Click on the link and they have a short and concise description of what it is. It's pretty brilliant, especially when you have a writer's block.

The queen supreme reason why I procrastinate and procrastinate for hours.
Happy stumbling!

You may judge if you like, but hey, you gotta admit they're pretty entertaining.

I miss courtship.

I "stumbled upon" this livejournal page and I'm so glad I did.
What ever happened to that elegant 1950's date nights where women wear classically stunning dresses for an evening of pure romance with an equally impeccably dressed man? Dating these days seem to be missing that crucial element: courtship.
Let's bring it back people!

Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart

Joanne Woodward and Paul Newmann

Ah, maybe my favorite Hollywood couple, ever.

Alain Delon and Romy Schneider

Audrey Hepburn and Mel Ferrer

James Dean and Pier Angeli

Given, I don't expect the exact glamour of the stars from these pictures, but it would be nice to have evenings like that, wouldn't it?

Well, since we're talking about courtship dating, I give you, Courtship Dating by Crystal Castles.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!

It has officially been confirmed. After much trials and tribulations, I will indeed be a member of the audience at Lollapalooza!

The general consensus for many of my peers have been that buying a $200 ticket is not worth it because of the "weak" 2010 lineup. Many of these people are comparing from the previous year or even from a couple years back. Every festival includes hits and misses, but it's all about the hits that make it worth coughing up some cash and commit to a whirlwind weekend. Even as a devout fan of Perry Farrell & co’s picks, he missed a “few” this year. To his credit, he can’t hold down and dictate bands to fill a slot at Lollapalooza. Totally and completely understandable. Team Perry!

Truthfully, I, myself, was not planning on buying a ticket. Luckily, I didn’t have to. One thing led to another and before I knew it, I had a ticket in hand. A fortunate circumstance like this is quite rare and I'm not going to let it slip through my fingers. I’m fucking going. I don’t care that Soundgarden and Greenday are 2 out of the 3 main headliners, or that many groups who dropped fantastic albums this year won’t be there to give us a taste of what they’ve been working so hard on. Regardless, this year has a handful of solid anchors that will hopefully bring in a fresh crowd. Oh, and I can't forget the presence of Lady GaGa. She's a killer performer and entertainer, there's no disputing that. She may have a stigma attached to her, but everyone can admit she's going to put on a mindblowing show. Hopefully with lots of blood, tea cups, and patriotism.

Let’s take a gander at the 2009. Okay, so it was pretty epic. Topping that all-star lineup is pretty impossible, so maybe they went in a different direction and made the best of it. When I first read the lineup a little more than a year ago, “who copied and pasted my Itunes onto this page?!” was my only thought. Let's just say I was a little more than thrilled. Fists of fury were being pumped, but later depression set in as I couldn't go. As the saying goes, "the past is the past"; so let's make this year wild!

Lollapalooza's website offers the ability to "customize your schedule." While on my full throttle Lollapalooza high, I started to figure out who I was definitely going to see, and who I wouldn't mind missing. Here are my must-sees:
  1. Foxy Shazam: I've heard they get DOWN.
  2. Matt & Kim: click me! Enough said.
  3. Grizzly Bear: amazing vocals.
  4. The xx: no explanation needed.
  5. Rusko: O.M.G.
  6. Phoenix: nothing better than some french gentlemen.
  7. Yeasayer: go listen to their new album (and previous ones).
  8. Flosstradamus: the real life brother of Kid Sister and a homeboy from K-Zoo, Mi. Dope sounds (they hang out with the likes of A-Trak and Diplo, must I go on?)!
  9. Mumford & Sons, Blitzen Trapper, The DoDos, The Strokes, and so many more! I think you get the gist.
Either way, I'm looking to get overstimulated by the sounds, smells, tastes(?) of Lollapalooza. I'd say according to the list, I'm in some damn good company for an outrageous weekend.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Combo Platter please.

Two of my favorite passions have always gone hand-in-hand. Music and fashion.

Fashion shows have always incorporated music into their fierce runways and the latest and greatest are merging. Music transcends the clothes displayed and rather creates an atmosphere, a feeling that dissipates throughout the room.
Designers are pretty particular when choosing their playlist for it has to embody the clothes as well as the designer. Music itself is relative and subjective to each individual. One song may mean more to me than for you.
I'm an avid reader of blogs and websites that discuss fashion and/or music. Sometimes, I discover artists or designers I was not aware of before through such collaborations. Other times, sheer brilliance is combined, i.e. Viktor and Rolf setting up La Roux for a performance during their Menswear Spring/Summer 2011 collection.
I myself am not a huge La Roux fan, but the pair was pretty spot on. Here's a video:

Speaking of La Roux...I'm going to jump topics a little bit here.
La Roux and Major Lazer (personal favorite!) came out with Lazerproof a while back.
What emerged was a pretty stellar mash-up from the two artists. CHECK IT.
Diplo can do no wrong (well, besides the new M.I.A. album, but that's for another post).

I guess the gist of this post was that lately combinations/collaborations/mash-ups are totally IN. Just a regular combo platter of music, fashion, and whatever else you can manage to throw in there.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Twas the weekend of Pitchfork Music Festival and I was not in attendance. This may be a depressing post considering how I missed the collective genius' that were gathered on Sunday July 18, 2010 in the grand city of Chicago. The previous two days were pretty epic themselves with headliners like Pavement and LCD Soundsystem (I highly recommend listening to their new album, This Is Happening. I'll rave later), and so many more fantastic artists (Panda Bear, Modest Mouse, Free Energy, etc.).

Now, those that witnessed greatness, if you could squeeze out every miniscule detail that you could think of and regurgitate it back to me, that would be more than appreciated. I already had a couple phone calls throughout the weekend that were pleasantly bittersweet. Pleasant in the sense that these dear friends were kind enough to try and include me in their experience (i.e. calling me during Major Lazer's set or sending me pictures from the Beach House and St. Vincent shows), but bittersweet because I would have done ANYTHING to be there. In the end, I lived vicariously through Chase and Taylor (shoutout!), listening to mentioned artists pretending I was hearing it live.

Next year Pitchfork... you WILL be mine for the taking.
Until then, I bid you farewell.
If this year's lineup was outrageous, what wonders will show up in 2011?!

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Okay, so ever since I started Girl Inform Me, I've been carefully watching myself on what I've been posting or the contents of my posts. The thing is, I fully realized that this blog was created so that I could have a release and to document such happenings in my life. I want Girl Inform Me to be a vessel that accurately portrays me (via the internet that is).


Now that's said and done...I give you fantastic music from a "children's show" (although the demographic seems to be aimed more towards the kids who enjoy "extracurricular activities") called ADVENTURE TIME!

I wish all parties were like this.