Thursday, August 19, 2010


After much consideration, I decided to create my very own Tumblr.
Seems to be what the "cool" kids are doing these daze (haha get it? You will after looking at my Tumblr page :D).

My initial hesitation for making a Tumblr was merely the fact that I didn't want to navigate through 3 different social networking/communication sites (Facebook, Blogspot, and Tumblr). Twitter I probably won't get into, ever, but I viewed Tumblr as the expanded version of 'status updates' and 'wall posts' on facebook. Instead of bombarding my wall and other's newsfeeds with random nonsense, why not just put it all in a Tumblr! That way I can keep tabs on what I'm posting and when, and if people are interested in what I'm posting, they can just go on my Tumblr. I thought that might be more courteous than me shoving it in their faces on Facebook. It seemed selfish on my part.

I like sharing, but only if you'll accept it!
If you would like to see quotes, videos, songs, etc. I like, take a gander!

p.s. You'll probably notice that a lot of the postings on Tumblr overlap with this blog. Not everything though, Tumblr will be more random stuff that doesn't need as much explaining/gushing.

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