Monday, August 23, 2010

Au Revoir Summer '10

Now that summer is officially over, it means the start of a few new beginnings.

In my case, I'm back at my home away from home, East Lansing, MI. Hopefully I'll have better luck with my new bike. My previous one broke down at the most unfortunate circumstances (on my way to class to turn in an assignment, late for a volunteer gig, etc.) and it was a tad too big for my stature so maneuvering it in general became an issue. So far, so good.

It feels great being back with familiar faces and meeting new faces. Already off to an unbelievably fun start, but we'll see how this semester ends up.


Top fashion magazines have been conjuring up the biggest and baddest issue for the month of September. Apparently, quantity was key this year. At least with Vogue. With some quality, the massive amount of advertisements (which sometimes are the best parts) dispersed throughout the 726 pages, yes, SEVENHUNDREDANDTWENTYSIX pages. The advertisements are the backbone to the magazine industry, but damn, I couldn't focus on the articles or pictures with the clusterf*#k of ads. Don't get me wrong, they had some stunning photos with the guests from Fashion's Night Out and a play-by-play on FNO as well, but it was hard to focus when every other page was a different advertisement.

Fashion Week is quite soon too! I'll be posting favorites once the festivities commence.

Well, now that Autumn seems to be in full force, my impetus to attempt a studious lifestyle is revving, but I'm still in need of a big push.

Go celebrate the wonders of tea at Wanderers Teahouse. It's a brand new addition to Grand River's row of shops, and I hope it's one that lasts for a very long time. Keep local businesses thriving! Wanderers is a gem and the owners are a wonderful couple who are both MSU Alumni. Let me just say, they REALLY know their tea.

That is all.

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