Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Coming To A Theater Near You!

I've been quite the worst movie-goer as of late. Due to a slew of excuses (lack of funds, time, good movies, etc), I haven't seen too many of the blockbusters (Avatar...I know, I'm ashamed) or even the gut-busters (Get Him To The Greek). Even with my missed chances with movies, I made it a point to watch Inception though, and Christopher Nolan strikes gold. Ensemble was perfection, especially Joseph Gordon-Levitt (always been a childhood crush of mine and still is). Besides Inception, I managed to go and watch Despicable Me, which I Adored with a capital A. With the cutest minions I've ever laid my eyes on to the oh so hilarious Steve Carell, it made for an almost tear-jerker, but feel-good movie. As my old butt (compared to the children around me) was guffawing at the low comedy jokes, it seemed that the other kids in the theater were not as amused. Oh well, to each his own.

That's all I can really do for a movie review considering I haven't seen many lately, BUT there are some movies coming out/have recently come out that I do want to see and hopefully my granny self will get there.

1. Somewhere (Sofia Coppola)

2. The Extra Man (Berman and Pulcini)

3. Welcome to the Rileys (Jake Scott)

4. Get Low (Aaron Schneider)

5. Never Let Me Go (Marc Romanek)

So many more wonderful films coming out, but for now, these are a must!

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  1. I saw the Extra Man and I loved it! It was super funny, but I can see how others may find it confusing.