Thursday, October 7, 2010

I'm Famous!

No, not really. But, I was honored to be featured as a "Looks on Campus" look on CollegeFashion.
My friend Mindy recently became one of the writers for the "Looks on Campus" section and asked me to be her first interview! It was pretty surreal once the feature came out since I wasn't expecting such feedback or notice. Mindy did a great job making me look wayyy better than I am in real life and her questions were challenging. I struggled with some of the questions, but hey, I'm not used to being interviewed! Especially when it comes to style.

Fashion is a great interest of mine, but categorizing my personal style is impossible. In the article, I described my style as being grandma-esque and I guess in a sense, that's as accurate as I could have been.
I dig: florals, buttons downs, my "stomping boots", cardigans, and scarves.
That's my usual uniform, but I'm pretty all over the place. Some days, you'd think all I listened to was random European rock or Nirvana from my grunge attire, but today I'm looking pretty put together with a button down and floral shorts.

Never too fancy, never too casual.
The only advice I want to reiterate is to make sure that you feel good in the outfit you're wearing out. It doesn't matter what others think. really, it doesn't. As long as you think you look fabulous, your confidence and attitude will follow. Just sayin'!

So here it is, my claim to fame: Looks On Campu - Diane

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  1. Hey there!

    I'm Ray and I came across your link in on College fashion! You're outfit was gorgeous, and you're a gorgeous girl! Congratulations on being featured--you definitely deserved it! And congratulations to your friend as well--it must be great to write for that website. I'm thinking of applying, myself. I noticed you're a journalism major--you should apply too! If you're interested, that is. Anyway, sorry for the lengthy comment!