Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Missed Connections

Have you ever wandered the "Missed Connections" section on Craigslist?

I think you'd be surprised at the gravity of the love-struck writers' posts. Simple encounters like a glance at a coffee shop to long-lost/forgotten love are scattered throughout the site. Regardless of the varied situations and the complexity of these grievances, it's clear that the simple gesture of interest is dually noted.

Having read some of the posts, I noticed how momentous some of the connections were. Even the waiter-customer relationship or the passerby on the street who caught your eye just for a few seconds. If these connections existed, why not profess your interest online? With all the's and's of the world, missed connections seems like a more legitimate way to meet your possibility. It even adds a bit of mystery, intrigue, and thrill.

Happy Connections!

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